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     September is over, and I have so much Kingdom News to share. Thank you for your prayers and your partnership to make these stories happen. Ronnie and I at Mcdonalds      This is my friend Ronnie. He is from India, and is currently studying his masters. He has been very excited about ministry and community. We just started doing a study of the Bible together called Focus On Jesus. It’s a ten week study FOCUS put together to help facilitate meaningful conversations about scripture and life. I’m doing it with a couple students, and Ronnie is just so eager to learn more about Jesus. We just recently got to share our testimonies together, talked about the role of prayer in our life, and he even shared with me he is interested in being a minister himself. God has put a love for learning and serving on Ronnie’s heart. Please continue to pray over students like Ronnie, that they might come to know Christ fully. Everyone from Fall Camp Emily, Richmond, and myself are circled      We had Fa