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March and My Plans For Next Year

  Let's start with a reflection from this past year and my plans for the coming ones! God has grown me a lot through my time in FOCUS, but especially in this particular year of the Apprenticeship. I have learned so much about the Bible and the Holy Spirit through my classes. I have learned to manage my schedule and plan wisely through my peers and mentors. God has used many people, students and supervisors alike to grow me into a disciple of Christ. I have learned to love more, see people with more Grace, and to step out in faith in whatever God calls me to do.  And what I think He is calling me to do is stay on staff with FOCUS for a couple of years. Right now, for at least three. God has been doing so many powerful things around me and adjacent to me while in this role. I want to remain faithful to our students at University of Texas at Arlington and to Tarrant County College, especially in these early years. Seeing that we just planted it, I think the friendships and connections