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God Building Leaders For The Next Generation

  Smiling atop Mt. Baker in WA I am so excited to write to you this late blog post! Sorry about that, but thank you for your patience, for reading, and for any prayers or gifts you have given me to help make this happen. May was such a wonderful month. As you should know from my previous blog posts, every May, FOCUS will send potential student leaders to Bellingham, Washington for a Discipleship training conference called SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) . Well it finally happened, and I got to go with our group of students as a chaperone. We sent about 20 students from UTA and TCC. FOCUS as a whole (meaning all campuses we are at) sent around 100 students!! God is good. Some TCC and UTA students on the way to Pike Place Market Taking the SeaTrac with students We start off with some sight seeing days in Seattle, then in Bellingham before the classes start. It is a really great time for these students to make friends and memories with fellow Christians from their campus. I