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Lots of New Folk To Pray For

 Hey howdy hey! So much has happened since I last wrote and that is because it is a new school year! So much of our year is wrapped up in these early few weeks of classes. The people we meet this week are more than likely the bulk of students we get to minister to all year. So my schedule has been much more active than pretty much all of summer. We try to spend as much time on campus during Welcome Week so that we can befriend and invite as many students as possible. We want to make ourselves known as a Christian ministry to those who are looking, and show students who would have no interest in a Christian org to begin with, that we really care about them, hopefully breaking down barriers they have set up mentally over years.  Making a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti with some students Playing Corn Hole with a transfer student named Visvis Our UTA Student Leader team for the year (I was in the restroom like a dummy) First TNF of the year!  The past two weeks, we have been helpi