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Disciples, Baptism's, and Samba Lessons

  Our 2021-2022 UTA Leader Team. What a great group of students.      Howdy! It is finally May and I have some exciting ministry news to update y'all on. I want to start first by honoring our student leaders, otherwise known as our Corefas or Core Facilitators. This group here is who makes our ministry possible year after year. These are full time students, sometimes working full or part time jobs, volunteering 20ish hours a week to serve God's Kingdom on their campus. We as a 9 person staff team could not possibly meet with and host cores for as many students as there are available at UTA, and these fine young men and women stepped up into that discipleship role.      You would be blessed to meet any of these disciples, as God is really maturing them while they mature others. This is probably my favorite part of campus ministry. We get to meet new students year after year, befriending them, teaching them, casting a vision for their life as a disciple, and then seeing so many o