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(A sweet moment captured at Fall Camp by my friend Nathan. This is a student named Forrest and I getting to know each other during a "walk and talk". Obviously we opted for a "sit and chat") Hey friends and family! I have another update for what God has done on campus in the lives of these sweet students. I want to thank you again for partnering with me in this ministry. In a lot of ways, these students are only getting met with through YOU and YOUR contribution to this kingdom mission.   (TCC Core back in October. From right to left: Minh, Rowan, Taylor, Me, Emily, Eldrian) The first bit of exciting news to share is about TCC, Tarrant County College. Taylor Nelson, one of my copastors, Emily, my wife, and I have been heading up the TCC Northeast campus. We just planted there this semester, so it’s so very small and fresh. We set out in August, going on campus and just meeting with students who seemed to be interested in Christ and community. Soon enough, we had thr