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Baptisms, Roadtrips, and Costume Parties

  This is going to be one of my favorite photos ever. Love this guy. This is my friend, John. As we were finishing up our 10 week Bible study, FOJ, he decided he wanted to get baptized and commit himself to the Lord. It was with great pleasure and a full heart that I got to welcome my dear friend into a committed life with Christ. John is now figuring out how he might disciple his classmates, coworkers, or really just anyone around him. He is full of life and God's Spirit. I pray that Christ will reach many through my friend, John. Helen and Emily reading some scriptures before Helen getting baptized. As sure as John was, we had two more students get baptized in the same week. When John invited everyone to come to his baptism, two girls, Helen and Sam shared that they had been thinking about this decision as well and were ready to make the commitment. God can be so good like this. Emily got to baptize these sweet girls after John and I went. It is that time of year where we get to