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God, Continue to Move Like You Have!

HOWDY and HELLO! We have finished January and have begun the school year. We kicked off the year like we always do, with a Winter Retreat with all of our campuses together. Around 500 students from across various DFW colleges came to worship and learn for a week.   All the UTA students who came to Winter Retreat Our tiny TCC crew. Considering we had two students come the year before, this is INSANE! God is good. Winter Retreat is always a really encouraging event. We held it at Riverbend Retreat Center this year. We had students from eleven different colleges get together.  My favorite part of these retreats is the closeness it creates between people. Through shared experiences and meals, so many of our students saw themselves as part of something bigger than themselves. When I was a student, I remember realizing for the first time I was really a part of the Body of Believers at this retreat. Worship in the morning UTA guys  I also got a lot of one on one time with various students. Co

A Refresh Before a Fresh Start

HOWDY AND HELLO IN 2023!!! The new year has begun, and college students all over the world are getting ready to start their Spring semesters. A time of life where they are open to change. friendships, and conversations that could alter their life for better or for worse. That is why I am so excited to go and meet them. To go and tell them about the Good News of Jesus, and that they are a part of something much bigger than just getting a degree. The week leading up to Christmas, till MLK day, our students are home with family and friends. They are given a chance to rest from the rush of the semester. We campus pastors do the same.  I spent a majority of the past two weeks, resting, reading, praying, and traveling. Emily and I saw much of our families in this time, caught up with old friends that are out of town, and we even got a puppy named Waldo. All of these things take energy, but are restful and meditative for the heart. I am feeling ready to go out and meet some students. My car o