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 February went by so fast, but I feel like I have not gotten to share with you all in a long time! A graphic I made for our social media. Picture of our corefas and staff. Ministry at TCC is going well! I am currently studying the Bible with 8 guys from TCC. Some of those are in a one on one setting, and I am actually meeting up every Wednesday with three of them at once. That group can be a little less consistent. So be praying that we can continue meeting.  TCC Students getting boba together We are getting to send a handful of students from TCC to SICM (The Student Institute of Campus Ministry) in May. This is a week long course taught in Bellingham, Washington by our good friends from Western, Washington University. This is a pretty intensive weeklong class that we send students wanting to lead to each year. They will learn a lot about how to disciple others, host small groups, and evangelize on a college campus.  It is amazing enough that God has prepared a ministry like that up in