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College Ministry Starts With Teen Ministry/ The Joys of Community College

 Howdy and howdy! I am feeling mighty pumped up because we are so close to the beginning of the semester! Not only are we so close, but God has shown me some really encouraging things this past month. Each event just gets me so excited for new students to be met and join in what Christ is already doing on campus. Let me be less general and go into more of the specifics of how I have been encouraged. Group photo from Teen Camp Emily and I got to attend our body of churches teen camp. While Arlington Central Church has no teens because of how young we are, it was really sweet to see a vision of what our church could look like in years to come. These are all the teens from our Garland and Wylie churches.  While this is not FOCUS or even college ministry, this is kingdom work being sown. These are the churches that invest in our students the most, the ones that see the vision for what Christ has been doing on college campus for years and years. Beyond just reinvesting in the body of believ