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Howdy and welcome back to the blog! God has been doing all sorts of things in January, so I am excited to share everything with you. Worship at Winter Camp 2022 First thing I want to share with you is about Winter Camp. God really looked out for our community by keeping Sky Ranch staffed and functional so we could still have camp. Beyond just getting us to camp safely and soundly, We had little to no outbreaks of flu or covid. BEYOND THAT, God moved in the lives of so many students that weekend. I had a handful of students I got to bring to camp: Kade, Eric, and Hart.   Me, Kade, and Eric in the big chair at Camp Hart and I in the big chair Each of them had a great experience meeting more people in our community, worshipping as a body, and hearing Rikk Watt’s teachings throughout the week. Kade and I had so many encouraging conversations about God. He is truly seeking God’s will for his life and loved getting to meet other Christians seeking like he is. Kade and I will be studying the


Emily and I getting dinner with my core guy, Alex, with his family during the break. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all! What a year 2021 was. I wanted to start this blog with saying thank you to you all. These first couple months getting to do ministry has been very life changing. Emily and I have gotten to reflect on all the change in our lives, with getting married, moving, and both of us getting to work with FOCUS together. I have grown and matured in my faith in ways that will positively affect the health of our marriage the rest of our lives. These past couple months have been priceless, and I have been very blessed to serve in them. So thank you! Things to update you on at TCC: We finished out the school semester strong, I will be starting some new Focus on Jesus studies with 4 of the guys there, and we had an end of the year Christmas party.   Celebrating our fun Christmas party L to R (Austin, Olivia, Eldrian, Kade, Jefferey, Me, Emily, Taylor, Chris, Stephen, and Ro