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Reaching People for the Kingdom: Strategies and Emotions

     Howdy and hello! I am feeling extra thankful for all of you on my support team this month. God is doing a lot on campus, that I get to witness and participate in because of your generosity. Plus, Emily and I just moved into a bigger apt for some more space/storage. I have been thinking a out more about this type of missionary fundraising we do. It is such a testimony to God’s character that he has equipped you all to be generous, so he could equip me to then go love and equip others. So seriously, thank you. Lunch with Mario from UTA. Sweet guy trying to figure out how to make Jesus more involved in his life. I want to share this encouraging letter Emily and I received from a student: "To the Spencers,  Words will never be enough to express just how much you two mean to me, but I'll try my best! Thank you for greeting me with warmth and open arms from the very first minute we met. Thank you for showing me community and being such beautiful examples of life in the body. Th