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When We Doubt, God Reassures

The guys and I from Friday core (L to R: Armaan, Mauricio, Vincent, Josh, Michael, Alan). Love these guys Howdy friends! I have been so busy with ministry, but have been so excited to share about this past month of Good News!! I want to start with some of the heavier things on my heart, and later get to how God is good despite the storm. In this past month, I have had three different guys step away from ministry. Two of them I have spent many hours with discipling and studying the Bible with. One of them called me, and just because of his class schedule keeping him from attending events, plus his church offering a college group, he has decided to step away from FOCUS and be a member there. This one did not sting, and I am happy he has made that decision. The other one told me through text that they saw no fruit coming from our ministry and that I had become overbearing, that I had made him angry.  This is a student I have spent many times praying for and asking for guidance in how to d