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This is a graphic I made for our FOCUS Instagram page. I co-run our social media with my friend, Bailey. It has been a fun way to serve and use my art education. The group pictured above is our Wednesday night Men's Core. Such a fun group. Our lovely TCC Core. From left to right: Angel, Eldrian, Chris, Stephen, Kade, Olivia, Rowan, and Ashley. Emily, Taylor, and I are the goofs in the front. What an encouraging group. Howdy friends! Another month of ministry has passed and I have more updates for you on what God is doing at UTA and TCC.        At Tarrant County College (TCC), I had shared with you about our group of three consistent students. Well they have been so invitational, and our outreach effort has produced such good fruit, we now have a group of about 10-12 students. Our times in core have been so sweet, as each student is engaged and ready to share. We talked about the Holy Spirit last week. Some had more knowledge on the person of the Spirit, but everyone was joining in