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"Thanks For Accepting Me In Your Family"

"Thanks for accepting me in your family" At the end of every school year, I have my core group reflect on how God has grown them and the others in the group this year. Then we go around and encourage one another with how we have been blessed or impressed by them. Well this year, I shifted to writing letters of encouragement to one another. You could either thank them for how they have blessed you, or you could spur them on and challenge them to look more Christ like.  The title of this post is a line one of my core guys wrote to me and it really caught my attention.  "Thanks for accepting me in your family" It is a powerful statement, and I realized it sums up a lot of what I get to do, and what I encourage our students to do as well. So thank you for your continued support through prayer, encouragements, and finances. I can't do what God has me doing without faithful friends and family like you all.  In fact, many of you are people who "accepted me in your

His Good News All Around

All the guys on our Park day Thank you and thank you and thank you! I am seriously so thankful for my support team. Between your generous giving and prayers and friendships, there is just too much to say. I think I saw God working recently this last week. In many conversations, it just felt like people were invested in listening and learning about God, what He is doing, and how He might want them to take part. Many students I met with were quick to humility and very receptive to encouragement and spurring. Then I met a guy while rock climbing at the gym. He and his wife have not been a part of a church since Covid, and I got to invite him to ours. Even crazier was my 30 year old brother, who hasn’t gone to church since High school, shared that God answered a prayer of his, and he wants to come to church again. Amazing. Can’t stress enough how good of news that is to me and my parents. So please be praying for Garrett and Zach that they find a church community, whether with me, or somew