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International Travel is Hard / Campus Ministry is Crucial

  The School of Athens was painted by Raphael in 1511, and visited by me, in 2022. Hey there! Another month of Summer is upon us. Meaning my work as a campus minister is slower than usual because many of our students are at home on break. We use this time to fundraise (as many of you know, thank you again for your support), to meet with students who are still in town, and to rest in a Sabbath like way for the coming season of sowing in the Fall! Emily and I were blessed enough to be given free plane tickets to Italy as a wedding gift last year, and we just got to use them this past month. In my time there I had a lot of thoughts about what I am doing, what we are all called to do, and how to be successful in it. I am of course talking about discipleship. Leading people to Christ through your words, life, and relationships.  The Amalfi Coast with my ghoulish looking Father. Emily and I left our swim suits in our hotel and they are sadly no more. Emily and I in the Vatican. So much hist