Lots of New Folk To Pray For

 Hey howdy hey!

So much has happened since I last wrote and that is because it is a new school year! So much of our year is wrapped up in these early few weeks of classes. The people we meet this week are more than likely the bulk of students we get to minister to all year. So my schedule has been much more active than pretty much all of summer.

We try to spend as much time on campus during Welcome Week so that we can befriend and invite as many students as possible. We want to make ourselves known as a Christian ministry to those who are looking, and show students who would have no interest in a Christian org to begin with, that we really care about them, hopefully breaking down barriers they have set up mentally over years. 

Making a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti with some students

Playing Corn Hole with a transfer student named Visvis

Our UTA Student Leader team for the year (I was in the restroom like a dummy)

First TNF of the year! 

The past two weeks, we have been helping students move in to their dorms, hosting small hang outs like lawn games or board games on campus, eating meals with complete strangers any chance we get, and even putting on some big events, like our first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year and a Casino night! All of this is done in an effort to make Jesus known on campus.

I had my first core of the semester this past Friday. I am excited about the guys God is connecting me with this year. I have two incoming freshman who seem particularly interested in friendship and Jesus that I am going to study the Bible with. Their names are Caleb and Michael. Be praying that we can get consistent time and that through studying scripture together, they can mature as disciples of Christ.

Horrible photo of Caleb and I rock climbing

Caleb had a great time

TCC also started classes for the Fall. God has been at work this year getting these students ready to plug in. I am meeting so many young freshman passionate about their faith and eager to go deeper. I met a student named Moises who could not make it to our core time because of a ride situation. Now every Wednesday he will stay for core, then afterwards we will do FOJ then I will drop him off at his house. He was very excited and very thankful that I would be willing to do it. God is good at connecting us with students. Be praying over all these new students, that they can balance their schedules to make time for community and discipleship. 

Sonic outing with some new and old TCC students

Lift up these men in prayer for me as I begin to study scripture with them:

These are all the new studies on top of the ones I am finishing from the Summer. Pray that I can work with the Spirit and that He can speak through me to change the hearts of these young men.

Casino Night was a huge success in meeting new students, serving the school with a fun event, and helping international students connect.

All games were free to play with funny money

At the end of the night, you could turn in your funny money to get raffle tickets for prizes

One lucky student even won a mini fridge!!

Thank you for your support in this mission. This first month is so hectic and active, putting on fun and crazy events like these, but in just a few short weeks, we begin to see the fruit of sowing these seeds of outreach. Be praying that as the semester moves along, students feel connected and stay committed to coming.


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