When We Doubt, God Reassures

The guys and I from Friday core (L to R: Armaan, Mauricio, Vincent, Josh, Michael, Alan).
Love these guys

Howdy friends! I have been so busy with ministry, but have been so excited to share about this past month of Good News!!

I want to start with some of the heavier things on my heart, and later get to how God is good despite the storm. In this past month, I have had three different guys step away from ministry. Two of them I have spent many hours with discipling and studying the Bible with. One of them called me, and just because of his class schedule keeping him from attending events, plus his church offering a college group, he has decided to step away from FOCUS and be a member there. This one did not sting, and I am happy he has made that decision. The other one told me through text that they saw no fruit coming from our ministry and that I had become overbearing, that I had made him angry.  This is a student I have spent many times praying for and asking for guidance in how to disciple. It hurts to have someone you invest in ultimately decide they do not want to be with you.

Likewise, the third person was a new student to me this semester. He was really active with me in my first couple weeks of classes, seemed eager to be my friend, and to study the Bible together. From one day to the next, it was at totally different story. He ghosted me, and from what I can tell, has blocked my number. I have been ghosted before, but never in such a quick and intentional way.

These three guys leaving has made me ask myself how I am doing as a minister. Am I really showing people Christ like love, or just telling myself I am?

As tough as it can be to lose a friend, someone you cared for and prayed for, I know that they are not in my hands, but God's. He will reach their hearts if He pleases. 

So please, be praying for these three. That in them choosing to not be with me in community, that Christ finds them elsewhere. That they can be transformed to look way more like Jesus. Pray for my heart, that I do not harden it towards them, but love them in their decision.

Look at these thorough notes Abraham is writing.

Truly a man after God's own heart

Despite these heartbreaks I have felt, God has encouraged me through many others this month. One of these fine men, is Abraham from TCC, pictured above.

He has been in our ministry since Spring 2022, but we just recently started FOJ together. This past week, I sat back and watched him ask question, after question, taking note, after note. I feel so blessed to get to learn more about our Good God with a young man who is so earnest in his desire to know his Father. Be praying for Abraham to make time for God and community. 

Michael, Vincent, and I at Fall Camp.

These two have been such an encouragement as well. Vincent is from Nigeria. He loves Jesus and is so thoughtful. Michael is 21, but just started college. He is a kind giant, and God is redeeming his story every day. I have the honor of being their friend and getting to study the Bible with both. Please pray for these two that through our time, they can turn their love and faith in Jesus to push them to love others even more than they already are.

TCC boys at Fall Camp!

John and I at Fall Camp. You won't meet a nicer, weirder guy.

Eldrian and Colton, our two guy corefas from TCC.

God is radically changing the character and lives of these two men. This is both of their first years leading a core, leading people in a Bible study, and honestly, seems to be their first year of being actively discipled. They are doing a great job and are learning weekly what it looks like to be more faithful in their lives. Be praying for Eldrian to grow in discernment and consistency. Be praying for Colton to grow in boldness and curiosity.

Hart and I hanging at Fall camp. Got to study FOJ with him last year, and now he is leading new students as a corefa! Love getting to see the cycle of discipleship play out.

Colton, John, Chris, and I at Fall camp playing volleyball.

Austin Gage, one of my fellow copastors, and a great friend.

My core and I driving to Fall Camp

After event at Mcdonalds with the dudes.

Got to take Michael rock climbing with me! Love sharing my hobbies and life with my students.

Selfie of Vincent and UTA FOCUS. Love his heart and excitement.

Fall camp was such a beautiful weekend. Many students who I thought never would, came and had a blast. God really works powerfully in these short, dense bits of time. 

Last year, we didn't have a single TCC student come, so this photo is sooooo wild and encouraging.

Funny photo from Fall Camp

 Thank y'all for your support, for reading, and for praying!


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