Baptisms, Roadtrips, and Costume Parties


This is going to be one of my favorite photos ever. Love this guy.

This is my friend, John. As we were finishing up our 10 week Bible study, FOJ, he decided he wanted to get baptized and commit himself to the Lord. It was with great pleasure and a full heart that I got to welcome my dear friend into a committed life with Christ. John is now figuring out how he might disciple his classmates, coworkers, or really just anyone around him. He is full of life and God's Spirit. I pray that Christ will reach many through my friend, John.

Helen and Emily reading some scriptures before Helen getting baptized.

As sure as John was, we had two more students get baptized in the same week. When John invited everyone to come to his baptism, two girls, Helen and Sam shared that they had been thinking about this decision as well and were ready to make the commitment. God can be so good like this. Emily got to baptize these sweet girls after John and I went.

It is that time of year where we get to invest our finances into many different student's futures through Keep FOCUS Growing! This campaign funds things like on-campus outreach materials/events, administrative support, staff development, and planting new campuses. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. 

What is so cool, is that, like the picture says if you give on November 29th, your donation will be matched, essentially doubling what you are investing into the Kingdom. Please pray and consider giving this year to help us reach new campuses, students, and Kingdom opportunities.

Hanging out upstairs with Diane, Emily, and Honor.

Emily and I drove out to Winnsboro, Texas one weekend so we could visit my dear friends and supporters, Diane and Honor. Honor and I have been friends since high school, and Diane has been such a big fan of me, that I have become such a big fan of her. I thank God for giving me sweet, Christlike friendships like these. One of mutual support in prayer and efforts. If you are ever driving through Winnsboro, pass by Promised Land Bakery for some treats, coffee, and lovely conversation. Be praying for Honor to continue healing and getting stronger after her many illnesses. And please be praying for Diane as she is faithfully following God with this new business venture.

What a fun group of students to share life with.

Emily's old college church invited us and some students to come spend the weekend together. 10th and Broad church is a wonderful community, and they really opened their arms wide for us this trip. Getting multiple meals, singing sweet songs, and just fellowshipping with many believers is so restful and rejuvenating. Many memories were made with students that weekend. Thank you again, 10th and Broad!

10th and Broad Church really ministered to us this night by serenading us in hymns.

Our staff as Spongebob characters.

Halloween was a great reason to throw a party for our students and to have fun dressing up. Always love seeing our students get festive. What I love even more is being in a group costume with my coworkers. I love the team I get to work with. I am very lucky to work with such kind and hard working people. Praise God for each and everyone of these wise and humble pastors.

Austin Gage and I as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. We're riding in our invisible boat mobile here.

Me and our TCC guys at the Halloween party.

A girls core decided to dress up as the UTA FOCUS Pastors, so our new friend from Germany, Sarah, was dressed as me.

Love getting to be silly and do ministry with this girl.

A room full of foolish looking people praising a Good God in our costumes.


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