His Good News All Around

All the guys on our Park day

Thank you and thank you and thank you!

I am seriously so thankful for my support team. Between your generous giving and prayers and friendships, there is just too much to say.

I think I saw God working recently this last week. In many conversations, it just felt like people were invested in listening and learning about God, what He is doing, and how He might want them to take part. Many students I met with were quick to humility and very receptive to encouragement and spurring. Then I met a guy while rock climbing at the gym. He and his wife have not been a part of a church since Covid, and I got to invite him to ours. Even crazier was my 30 year old brother, who hasn’t gone to church since High school, shared that God answered a prayer of his, and he wants to come to church again. Amazing. Can’t stress enough how good of news that is to me and my parents. So please be praying for Garrett and Zach that they find a church community, whether with me, or somewhere else local. I also got to connect with some neighbors in our apartment complex, named Kevin and Mary. They are from Puerto Rico and really friendly. Hopefully they will continue to be as open to friendship as they have seemed. Kevin told me I should invite him anytime I take Waldo on a walk, so his dog can come too.

Hanging out and communing

I know most of what I just shared is not “campus” ministry, but it is where God is calling me in my day to day. I want to thank you for supporting me as a campus pastor, because not only do I get to serve UTA and TCC, but through my salary, I have a means to live and meet those in my local communities. God is good, and He has been good to me through your generosity.

Last month I wrote about the weird reality of guys being disinterested in friendship or just more naturally cautious of community. I was discouraged by guys not sticking around, or not wanting to meet up. 

Fishing with the boys

Since then, I have been meeting with a new guy named Jaice. We met at the worship outreach event. He has been super faithful and excited to study the Bible together.  Along with that, I have been getting more time with the guys I have been ministering in different contexts. 

It was a beautiful day for getting to be outside

Like having a Men’s park day, where we hung out, played some ultimate frisbee and lawn games. And then one Saturday in March, Mauricio and Michael took me fishing in the morning. They love fishing, and while we did get “skunked” (meaning we didn’t catch anything), it was a meaningful way to relate with them on an early Saturday morning. 

I met a new student, named Javier. We talked during an outreach event, and we connected over our love for One Piece, a Japanese Manga about pirates. He visited Core that Friday, which was honestly really surprising to me. He seems hesitant, but interested. Be praying for Javier, that his heart could be open to community and to Christ.

Took some TCC guys bowling

We did an escape room and I was so terrified

And here is maybe my favorite news of this past month. We invited John from TCC, the student that I got to baptize earlier this year, to come to the leadership training we do in May. The trip is expensive, because it takes place in Bellingham Washington, and the travel can be expensive. But year after year it has been worth it in casting vision and developing maturity in our students. 

Well John was invited, and was worried about raising his money to go. Well Emily told the family she stayed with last year, and they wanted to sponsor him. Well they were very generous, and sponsored his whole trip!!  God is good through his children and their love. John is stoked and relieved. He told me he couldn’t believe God’s providence and faithfulness. I encouraged him that he can be faithful in return by making the most of the experience and learning a lot.

Went rock climbing with Vincent

Thank you again for your support and prayers. Excited to tell you about that upcoming trip and all that God is doing.

Emily and I with our friend's kids during the church retreat. I love getting to see Jesus through these kids.


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